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Lap swimming is for members who can swim proficiently for an extended period of time.  Please refer to the rules for lap swimming etiquette on the pool deck prior to your swim.

May 13-18: The Crescenta Valley Family YMCA pool will be closed for maintenance.


  • Lap swimming is for proficient swimmers, AGES 16 and over, who can continuously swim the lap lanes 

  • Swimmers are not permitted to swim repeated lengths of the pool underwater or swim along the bottom of the pool 

  • Choose from slow, moderate or fast lanes 

  • Notify all swimmers before entering the lane 

  • Enter from the right side in the shallow side of the pool 

  • Two swimmers in a lane may split the lane in half 

  • More than 2 swimmers in a lane must swim in a counter clockwise circle 

  • Some strokes are slow. Please consider this in fast lanes or on crowded days 

  • Use the center of the lane for passing or at turn if lane is crowded 

  • Lifeguard has final authority on all lap swim rules and etiquette

  • Please shower before entering the pool


Come take advantage of our special family swim times, where there is more space provided to swim recreationally with your family in our heated pools. Coast Guard-approved life jackets are provided and recommended for non-swimmers.

Please click the POOL SCHEDULES (above) to view the FAMILY SWIM pool availability/schedules. 
Family in Pool


  • Family swim will be by first come, first serve. 

  • Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Coast guard approved life jackets are encouraged for non-swimmers. We have them available to use or you can bring one from home (must be coast guard approved, labels are on the inside of the jacket)

  • Kick boards, fins, noodles, etc are strictly prohibited from recreational swim.

  • Non-swimmers should be in a life jacket no more than arms distance away from parent or guardian.

  • No breath holding games or activities. 

  • If your child would like to swim by themselves, please see a lifeguard for a swim test.

  • For other rules please refer to general pool rules on the deck.

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