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Just as a tree grows, so do our children who are nurtured by caring parents and caregivers. The YMCA of the Foothills Learning Tree Preschool is committed to caring for your children just as you would.  For over 30 years, we have provided our community with a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn, grow, and develop.
The Learning Tree Preschool at the YMCA of the Foothills strives to not only prepare our students for kindergarten but for the rest of their lives.  We feel it is just as important to develop the individual, as we do with teaching the ABCs and 123’s.  Like many of our programs for older youth, our goal for our students is to build independence, self-esteem, and confidence.  That is why it is so important to teach them these attributes at an early age.  

​Our students learn the importance of respecting others, building positive relationships with peers and adults, developing social norms, and discovering the benefits of making healthy choices.  When they graduate we hope that they are prepared socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually for kindergarten. 

  • Year-round program

  • Fully State-Licensed Preschool 

  • Now accepting students age 18 months to age 5

  • Full time with 5-day and 3-day schedules available

  • Tuition assistance program - Membership for All

  • Kindergarten assessments

A New Playground is HERE!

An exciting and innovative addition has come to our preschool  — a brand new accessible playground made possible through the generous donation of the Mary Pinola & Crescenta Valley Chamber EDUCATION FUND. Come explore this new space! 

Verdugo Hills Family YMCA
6840 Foothill Blvd.
Tujunga, CA 91042
7 am - 6 pm


PRICING: 2 -5 years

Blue, Yellow, Green, Red Birds

All Fees are Weekly

5 Days (M-F)                    Member $230          Non-Member $275

3 Days (M/W/F)                Member $185           Non-Member $220

PRICING: 18 months -2 years

Purple Birds

All Fees are Weekly

5 Days (M-F)                    Member $285          Non-Member $325

3 Days (M/W/F)                Member $245           Non-Member $275


Payments are made weekly and a week ahead


  • We are a state-licensed preschool​

  • Now accepting students age 18 months to age 2

  • Children do not need to be potty trained

  • Our ratio is 1:12xt

  • Your child must have either youth or family member to attend the preschool

  • We do accept Membership For All. Click here for more information.

  • We offer swim lessons and Fitness Fun at no additional cost

  • Preschool payments must be set up as an automatic draft

  • Payments are made weekly and a week ahead

Our program is a blend of believing that children learn through PLAY as well as introducing academics age appropriately.

For any additional questions, reach out to Preschool Director, Ninelie Ratavossian.




Sponsor a ride that gives back.


Each preschool student will have the opportunity to ride as many laps as they can, hoping to raise money for each lap they make. Each student will be allowed to invite guests, without limitations on Trike-A-Thon guests.  


Our 2024 Trike-a-thon supports the Y’s Annual Campaign that raises funds for sponsorships and financial aid opportunities for our entire community. 


Friday, April 26


9:00am Purple & Blue Birds 

9:30am Yellow Birds 

10:15am Green Birds 

11:00am Red Birds 



Verdugo Hills Family YMCA Back Parking Lot 

EVERY BIT HELPS! Thank you for your consideration. 



Happy Mother's Day
I loved that my daughter came home and wanted to know if we could have a recycle bin for her to recycle in. I was amazed at how much she learned and wanted to be impactful. We now have a recycle bin and she recycles anything with a triangle on it! 
Kids in Preschool
My kids love being with the other kids, playing outside, doing their activities. They feel important and independent. They also adore their teachers.
Father with his Son
I love their curriculum. There is no other place as well managed and convenient for my son. I feel secure with my son's well-being, and his learning experience says it all. Thanks YMCA for helping out family in such a great way.


"Thank you for offering such an affordable and varied program with caring staff."
“My family and I have ran into financial difficulties this past year and a half. So when we found the YMCA they truly gave us some light with all the help they gave my family. My son loves this preschool so much he is so smart and has grown it's unbelievable. He even wants to go to school on the weekends. I truly owe it to the yellow bird teachers and the support from the YMCA they are the best!!! Thank you YMCA”
“She enjoyed the relationship with her teachers. She particularly liked when the teachers would hold spontaneous "dance parties" with all the kids!”
“It is hard to pick just one! Learning Tree has really helped my son try new things and build confidence in his academic and social skills. One of the funniest moments was when he told me that "you can only kiss and hug your parents under the mistletoe (that they had hung in the classroom at Christmas) ...unless the teachers aren't looking."
“My child's speech was a problem at first but once attending the preschool he is talking so much!! What a turn around, thank your yellow bird teachers!!”
“Our family really enjoyed the special "Daddy and Me" and "Mommy and Me" days that the school put on--it was a wonderful way for us to spend some quality time together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We appreciate that the staff is willing to give up part of their weekend to host an event like that.”
“My child has been there since he was 2 and he is now graduating. I can never express my gratitude enough for Miss Amara, who made him feel comfortable all the time and made his early days of preschool an easy transition for him. He still goes to her for comfort. Our family just loves her.”
“I loved watching my son walk in with little understandable vocabulary and ending with him talking in full complete, will never stop, sentences.”

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