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Tree Lot Funds our Teen Programs.

Meet Joseph and Stella, recipients of the Y's financial aid program. Through the funds provided by Tree Lot, they're able to participate in the Y's PILOTS and Y&G. This year they'll return to Tree Lot to work the special fundraiser. 



Monday – Thursday: 2 PM – 9 PM

Friday – Sunday: 9 AM – 9 PM

PHONE: 818-426-0556

You can support our mission by visiting our Donation Page:


Every tree purchased helps youth meet their potential

You can buy a tree anywhere, but the only place that you can buy an ultra-premium tree, help kids thrive, and support the leaders of tomorrow is at the YMCA of the Foothills.

​Our Christmas Tree Lot has been around since 1965 and is dedicated to helping local youth and benefiting the community. A group of 75 high school students in our Youth in Business program in partnership with our 300 high school Youth and Government delegates is dedicated to learning the skills of running a business and raising funds for our youth development programs. Help support our mission by buying a tree with us.


Ultra-Premium Christmas Trees
​The YMCA Christmas Tree lot is unique in our area because we only sell Christmas Trees that are classified by the Dept. of Agriculture as “Premium Trees”. Our trees earn the "Ultra-Premium" grade by supporting youth programs in the community!

The YMCA Tree Lot stocks variety of trees, from 2’ to 12’ tall, all trees are premium grade.



Key Benefits



Superior Needle Retention

Beautiful Shape, Symmetry and Fragrance


Sizes available: 2' - 10'

NOBLE FIRS: The Noble Fir is symmetrical and has a deep green color with hints of silver. The stiff needles twist upward leaving the lower portion of the branch exposed (perfect for hanging ornaments!). The Noble Fir is denser than other varieties of Christmas trees.

Durable and sturdy, the aromatic foliage creates a picturesque background for decorations and a cozy Christmas morning.



Key Benefits


Beautiful, Thick Foliage


Lustrous, Shiny, Dark Green Needles


Superior Fragrance 


Sizes available: 2' - 10'



Key Benefits


Long, soft needles with sweet fragrance​

Resilient and Economical

Flexible branches makes it ideal for setting up in the home and for children and pets


Sizes available: 2' - 9'

GRAND FIRS: The Grand Firs scent really is incredible. It has a powerful citrus-like evergreen aroma and is, by far, the most fragrant Christmas tree. With a dark green color and shiny appearance, the Grand Fir is a very beautiful Christmas tree. 

DOUGLAS FIRS: The Douglas Fir is a seasonal favorite! Since the 1920's Douglas Firs have been the most popular Christmas tree species. These trees are shipped all around the United States, and even to Mexico, Central America and Asia. We're lucky enough to have the highest quality selections right in our backyard!



Key Benefits


Shiny, Deep Green Needles that retain well

Strong Branches for Large Ornaments

Low Fragrance and Hypoallergenic


Sizes available: 5' - 9'

NORDMANN FIRS: Native to Northern Armenia and popular in Europe, the Nordmann Firs boast long-lasting beauty and terrific needle retention. The short, dark green needles are soft and flattened on the twig, with a shiny appearance. Nordmann Firs are the best tree for anyone with allergies as they lack much fragrance.


Our Tree Lot is a vital piece of the YMCA’s Thriving Kids initiative.  Not only does the tree lot raise over $60,000 each year to provide financial assistance for the Y’s youth programs, but is operated by the Y’s Youth in Business and Youth and Government programs.  These 335 high schoolers will spend over one thousand hours and lift 70,000 lbs. of trees to sell over 1,700 Christmas trees to raise money to help local youth.

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