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March 2022

Dear YMCA of the Foothills Family, March is the time of year to welcome in the Spring Equinox, longer sunlit days, and blooming flowers. From the safety and beauty of the Foothills, I am reminded daily how blessed we are to call this region of Southern California home. As we collectively look across a complicated landscape of geo-political strife, let us be mindful of those innocent souls who must live through these troubling times. We pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters of the Ukrainian YMCA in Kyiv, and for all the people who are caught up in this senseless conflict. Its times like these that I find resolve in the Y’s Mission to enrich the lives of all people however and whenever we can. The Y Mission can and will be a light in the darkness. Since 1987, the United States has officially recognized March as National Women’s History Month. Over the course of our Y’s now 64 years of existence, woman have made and continue to make, major contributions in leadership, volunteerism, philanthropic support, and program design to name a few areas. I invite you to join us in celebrating “the Women of the Y” all through the month of March.

Above are just a few women leaders at the YMCA of the Foothills that help to make our organization as amazing as it is. Each and every one of these leaders is committed to the Y's mission. This month our Y has some exciting programs and services “springing into action!”


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