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In Remembrance of Allie

Alongside the Pile Family, the YMCA of the Foothills has established the Allie Pile Memorial Scholarship which will be used to help send youth and teens to a week at Camp Bear in Big Bear Lake. This scholarship is in place to reach youth and teens across the Foothills community who are under-resourced and underserved.

Allie's legacy as a lifelong member of the YMCA is honored through the establishment of this financial scholarship. Having been immersed in the vibrant community from a young age, Allie participated in every Y Winner program, after-school initiative, away camp, and utilized our facilities with enthusiasm. Her deep-rooted love for community, instilled by her mother's multifaceted involvement, shaped her into a passionate advocate for the public’s well-being. Through this scholarship, we aim to perpetuate Allie's legacy by empowering recipients to carry forward her spirit of community, engagement and service.

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