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Join our experienced, certified instructors for a refreshing mind-body workout that develops a strong core and back, lean muscles and flexibility.

The principles of Pilates can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels, and performs. By adding a reformer to your Pilates routine you can develop better form and technique. Your body can be retrained to move in safer, more efficient patterns of motion which are invaluable for injury recovery, sports performance, good posture, and optimal health.


Here at the Y, we’ve added the Pilates Alegro Reformers to our studio due to its known diversity. One of the most prominent features of the Alegro is the foot bar which is very efficient and designed to easily move up and down the frame of the reformer. Our Alegro Reformers are also user friendly, with easily, adjusting ropes and removable shoulder pads that allow you to change directions and have a large variety of movement. They will help you focus on correctly aligning your full body and readjusting your joints’ ideal range of motion. 

Although reformers for Pilates can be used for multiple exercises, most of them focus on the development of a stronger core. The core is a combination of muscles that surrounds the center of your body and is key to combatting back and hip pain. When strengthened, the core will stabilize the body and provide excellent stamina and ability. 

Come experience our Pilates Reformer class, led by skilled, certified instructors for a refreshing, low-impact workout.


Crescenta-Cañada Family YMCA

Class Times

MONDAY: 9am, 10am, 6:30pm & 7:30pm

TUESDAY: 10am, 11am & 5pm
WEDNESDAY: 8am, 9am, 10am, 6:30pm & 7:30pm

THURSDAY: 6:30pm & 7:30pm

FRIDAY: 8am, 9am & 10am
SATURDAY: 8am & 9am

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  • Please purchase your class card online or in-person at Membership 

  • Bring your class card with you to every class you attend

  • Use the Y app to reserve your spot 24hrs in advance

  • Please CANCEL your reservation if you will NOT attend the class you registered for 

  • Be prompt. You must be in the room and ready to go at class time or your reformer will be given to those on the waiting list 

  • Please wear toe (grippy) socks

NOTE: The Pilates Studio is only open during scheduled class time.