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Happy Jumps


Bring your young one to explore, learn, and have fun. In this class your child will have a chance to run, climb, and jump in a safe environment. In this parent-involved class the instructor will encourage your child to learn new skills!

In this 45 minute class 1-3 year olds will have an opportunity play in a safe and encouraging environment. They will have balls, optical courses, hoops, cones, beams, tunnels and more to play with. In this parent-involved class these youngsters will make new friends and develop better major motor movement through exploratory learning. Our instructors promote new skills and create a sense of achievement for each child. Join us for fun, learning and community.


Session 2: February 26 - March 30

Member Registration: February 12

Program Participant/Non-Member Registration: February 14

Registration Deadline: February 26

Session 3: April 1 - May 4

Member Registration: March 18

Program Participant/Non-Member Registration: March 20

Session 4: May 6 - June 1

Member Registration: April 22

Program Participant/Non-Member Registration: April 24


9:00 am - 9:45 am

Member: $85

Program Participant: $115  
Non-Member: $135


Girl Jumping
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